Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Story-Go-Round, Restaurant Survival Kit Item #1

You've been there...  Stuck in a restaurant with children and slow service.  OK, any service restaurant that doesn't hustle your food out to you in a bag through a drive-thru-window.

If your children have learned to write you are in luck!  Part of my Restaurant Survival Kit is a notepad and some pencils.  The first person (ME!  Because I said so, that's why.) writes the opening sentence(s) of the story and sets the stage.  The more absurd the premise, the better.

The next family member receives the notepad and adds his/her paragraph and so-on around the table.  There will always be one child who insists on being the one to write the concluding paragraph and that one child will always insist on ending the story with a gruesome death of someone, something, somehow.

Then the person who started the story (ME!  Because I said so, that's why) reads the resulting mash-up of a story out loud, predictably at that very moment the server shows up with the food which provokes some raised eyebrows due to the usual scatological bent of children's story-telling talents.

You would be AMAZED at the imaginations of your children and you will also be amazed by how fast the time went by while you were waiting for your food.  Keeps everyone engaged and everyone giggling.  More giggling, less wiggling.  WIN!!!!!!

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